After a violent incident, Kitty Finn flees North Carolina for her home town of Fortney, New York. There she finds safe haven, reconnects with old classmates and tries to start anew. But trouble follows and Kitty learns she can't shrug off her former life as easily as she thought. What will it take for her to escape her recent past and live in safety and peace? Maybe a little help from her friends.


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Domestic Terror

About the Author

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Kathleen  (Kate) Fairweather was born in Upstate New York.  She is an author, artist and Catholic school survivor.  Kate is a disaster professional with a degree in Emergency Management from the University of North Texas.

During her travels from disaster to disaster she hears many stories of trauma and loss.  Kate believes that  human beings are uniquely the sum of their stories and their behavior is linked to how they tell these stories to themselves and others.  

Kate lives in the Texas Panhandle with her family and their six (yes six!) cats. 


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