• K. L. Fairweather

Life in the Pandemic - 2020

It's been a couple of months now and we're still in isolation. It started in March, when I cancelled my trip to New York State for a live episode of my podcast, Disaster Tales. That was March 5th. Now it's June 26th and we're even worse off then we were back then. The virus is running rampant, unchecked by any meaningful containment measures.

My current coping methods are growing food in the back yard, making pandemic journals for my friends and playing BOTW. (If you play it, you know) I spend mornings in the back, watering and weeding, until it's too hot to remain. Then I come inside and work on my computer for a few hours. Nothing meaningful is accomplished, but it keeps me busy.

At night I spend hours watching the news, which is at best depressing and at worst alarming. My family is suffering, unused to enforced solitude and creating their own activities. They're lonely and frustrated. Of course, who isn't?

What I find frustrating is watching our leaders fail miserably to address this pandemic. We need a strong, federally led plan which will lockdown all the affected areas, test everyone to discover the locations of the virus, assist those who are positive with self-quarantine and tracing everyone those people came in contact with during the incubation period. Those people will also be tested and, if positive, traced. It is a huge undertaking, but worth the lives of the hundred thousand who could die if we to allow this to go on. Other countries have done it. Why can't we?

At this time I'm watching Vice President Mike Pence equivocate and blame young people for the spread of this disease. He refuses to say the four letter word "mask. He's completely delusional, claiming that the US is opening up. He is talking about how people are showing up at emergency rooms wanting to attempt suicide. WTF? Really, what is he babbling about? He dug himself a hole and crawled into it, unmasked. If we had done the testing and tracing in April, the economy would be on the mend. We have sacrificed thousands of jobs, businesses and lives to the denial of the administration.

It has to stop.

Are we really going to wait until January to address this? Is there no one who can step in and lead us back to physical and economic health? Can we somehow bypass our useless leaders and get on with the program? I am confident our current president will not legally gain a second term. But there's a lot of dead people who aren't going get a chance to see it. Is it time for the 25th Amendment?

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